Preacher (2016)

First of all…this is no Netflix production…so you’ll have to control your anxiety on this one…and try not to get cramps from clenching your bottom every time you check to see if a new episode is out.  Lol.  It happens guys…it happens.  Speaking for a friend.

Its an AMC production whose first episode is as confusing as Sense 8.  It really is.  You’ll catch the drift pretty fast though, but when you get to the air-plane scene, please know it is okay to not know stuff, and that Google is still, and will always be your friend.  Nowadays not knowing what’s happening on the screen while you watch can have you rewinding back 30 episodes just to see that scene where so and so did abc…

I should probably begin my mentioning the fact that Preacher is not for the weak-hearted.  Preacher is a form of a soft horror film…tiny short bursts of horrific images will flood your tiny laptop screen, and you will have nowhere else to look other than the bodies of those people hanging from a huge tree in the middle of nowhere.  Then you’ll get more confused, and realise you do not have any data packets to Google these scenes anymore…and you will be unsure of any unexpected horror scenes, and so you shall pause for a while…if only to re-assure yourself that adults should be able to watch horror films without having to share a bed with a sibling for two months later on.  No, this has never happened to me…I’m just speaking for my friends guys.

Preacher is about the movement of a spirit.  One that travels the world…from space, and the first landing site is…yes, you guessed it, poor, hunger-striken, and crowded Africa. Lol.  Sense 8, yes?  For the record, I couldn’t watch any more of Sense 8 because of the R-rated scenes in the first episode.  Preacher has one of these, but the focus shifts rather fast back to the said spirit.

Preacher is also about a man, a promise he made to his father, and the good ol’ fight and struggle between good and evil…the fight between the two wolves that dwell within.   Thankfully, however, this spirit has so far been used for good…so there’s that to hold on to 🙂  I say this because we all just want to feel happy…eventually.  When you’re done feeling all the confusion and regret (at some point; I warned you though), you would want to know that if this spirit was floating somewhere in your room as you were sleeping, you would at least be assured that you’d wake up a much better person…with powers…



Lol.  I lied.  This spirit causes some very disturbing scenes…Be warned.

Preacher is an interesting series production.  That is all.  Hopefully as they release more episodes, it will become the next Black Mirror…minus the heavy technology related analogies.

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Everyone knows there is no such thing as the next Black Mirror…only Episode 2 of Season 3 of Black Mirror can be that (To be released this year…so hang in there).


Number of episodes: 3 (Latest: 12th June, 2016)

IMDb Rating: 8.7

My Rating: 8.0 (Once I stop floating and get involved in the characters’ deep and personal thoughts, I’m certain this rating will probably shoot to 9)


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